Done and dusted

The film now complete is viewable. It’s been emotional.

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Almost done

Having nearly completed my film, I am happy with the results and the knowledge found.
Many people were disinterested in being interviewed, especially redheads, which I suppose is understandable.

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Hello again.
It is interesting to note that the case of discrimination of red heads has been explored and reported.
The link below is from BBC Magazine questioning if red head discrimination is as bad as racism.  The link at the bottom is a news report of a horrific incident over how a red head was stabbed over an argument about THE COLOUR OF HIS HAIR.

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Red Heads

Hello I am Michael, a student at Kent university.
When I was young I can remember seeing a beautiful toddler next door, she was a family friend of my neighbours and she had red hair. I thought it was beautiful and ever since I seem to prefer red hair to blonde or brunette. Growing up I found that there appears to be discrimination towards people with red hair. I am going to film anthropological film to find out more about the discrimination towards the red heads.

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